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27/06/2019, 16:48

The Giro’s starting in Budapest next year

The Giro will start on Saturday May 9 with a 9.5km individual time trial on the streets of Budapest. The final climb is about 1.5km at around 4%.

Stage 1

The second stage is 193km and suited to sprinters. It’ll start from the capital and head to Györ. Bit of a double-digit gradient kick 22km from the end, but nothing too serious.

Stage 2

Stage three (197km) will start in Székesfehérvár and finish in Nagykanizsa. It’s another one for sprinters.

Stage 3

27/06/2019, 16:34

Alejandro Valverde's still not retiring

It's hard to imagine he ever will.

27/06/2019, 16:32

Near miss

Near Miss of the Day 283: Fast, close pass and used a bus lane

27/06/2019, 16:18

Apparently it's #NationalSunglassesDay...


...and Liam is very happy about it. If you want to upgrade yours to mark the occasion while the sun's out, see our bumper guide to the best sunglasses

27/06/2019, 14:40

27/06/2019, 14:39

A9 cycle path (via StreetView)

Scottish broadcaster asks why cyclists aren’t using A9 cycle path

Turns out she genuinely wanted to know - she guessed it wasn’t in good nick.

Full story here.

27/06/2019, 14:23

Alice Barnes beats sister Hannah to win national TT champs

Barnes triumphed over the 17 mile course to ensure the National TT title stays in the Barnes family for another year. The men's elite TT is up next with the first rider off at 3:30pm. 

27/06/2019, 13:26

Land Rover dealer tweets that their car is "the best for cyclists" - backfires

A small Land Rover dealer in Thornhill, Canada have received a mixed global response by claiming that the Land Rover Discovery is the ultimate four-wheeled companion for your bike, thanks to its ample storage space and 'ruggedness'. The replies suggest many cyclists think otherwise... 

27/06/2019, 11:24

3ft Please Jersey UK white van

IAM RoadSmart advocates regular driving tests

The IAM RoadSmart report referenced in the ‘intent prediction’ software story below also recommends that driver training should be a life-long continuous process.

Tony Greenidge, IAM RoadSmart business development director, said: “Perhaps we should require people to retake their test after a certain number of years? There is a growing belief that we should.

“I cannot think of another single task as difficult, complex, important or as dangerous as driving on business, where quite literally, you can perform well for just an hour of your life – during the driving test – and that’s all that’s required for the next 60 years or more. Given the rapid changes in technology, legislation and congestion this just does not seem logical.” 

27/06/2019, 11:17

Intent prediction (via Vimeo)

“Intent prediction” driver assistance technology to be trialled in London buses

Deep learning technology predicts cyclists’ movements and sounds alert to driver.

Full story here.

27/06/2019, 10:58

DealClincher: 40% off Rapha sale

Rapha Sale

Wait, you're not signed up to the Rapha newsletter? But you're missing out on daily pics of moody-looking cyclists.

To be fair, the one that landed in our inbox today was all about a 40% off sale.

It's got quite a bit of summer kit in there, so it's well worth a little look.

If you fancy a browse, click here.

27/06/2019, 10:53

TT Nationals - Watch here

27/06/2019, 10:01

No context cycling photo of the week...

...is GBDURO leader Lachlan Morton stopping at a shop to fill up on Lucozade. He's currently over 400km in the lead on the brutal mixed-terrain LEJOG route of nearly 2,000km in length, and with 500km to go we estimate he'll finish some time on Saturday. Head over to the Racing Collective live tracker for updates. 

27/06/2019, 09:46

Virgin Active bans folding bikes

27/06/2019, 09:45

Over half of car drivers exceed speed limit on 30mph roads

While 87 per cent exceed the limit on 20mph roads.

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