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Filtering cyclist who was threatened by driver blamed by police

GMP imply cyclist is guilty of a criminal offence

A Manchester cyclist who was threatened by a driver after filtering past stationary traffic has been warned by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) that his “behaviour in this regard is to cease.”

In the video above, shot yesterday morning, the cyclist, Sam, can be seen pulling onto Princess Street and filtering between two lanes of traffic queuing at a set of lights.

Filtering is not illegal. The Highway Code says that people should “be aware of other road users, especially cycles and motorcycles who may be filtering through the traffic.”

British Cycling gives advice on filtering on the inside, outside and between lanes.

As Sam nears the lights, they change to green, at which point he attempts to pull back into the line of traffic on his left.

The woman driving on his inside doesn’t let him in and tells him he should be riding on the left.

Sam points out he is not obliged to.

The dispute escalates and finishes with the motorist threatening to knock Sam off ‘next time’.

Sam, who said the driver had also been on the phone, subsequently sent the footage to GMP.

The officer who responded said: “This video clip shows you squeezing between vehicles and the lights changing then you being alongside entering into an argument with the driver of a moving vehicle.

“To be clear your behaviour in this regard is to cease.

“I understand your wish to help improve road safety, this is not the way to do it, it is not the intention of the service we offer and if repeated I will direct my team to consider criminal offences.”

GMP were contacted for comment.

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