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Devon bus driver hit cyclist while attempting to overtake – police say driver was given driver education at the roadside

“I wouldn't have even tried in a car,” says victim. “It was a really tight space”...

A Devon cyclist is appealing for witnesses after getting hold of footage of a 2016 incident when a bus driver hit him while attempting to overtake. Jarrad Huxtable, who has been out of work as a result of the injuries, says he has “no idea” why no charges were brought.

Devon Live – which has published the video – reports that on August 11, 2016, Huxtable was riding home from work when a Stagecoach bus driver attempted to overtake him in Fremington near Barnstaple.

"As I cycled past The Fox pub the bus started pulling out in front of me, forcing me over towards the wrong side of the road,” said Huxtable.

"Then, as I was cycling up the hill, the bus tried to overtake me in a position I wouldn't have even tried in a car. It was a really tight space. The bus subsequently hit me as it came past, causing a lot of damage."

Huxtable was treated at the scene by an ambulance and taken to hospital.

He suffered injuries to his shoulder, knee, elbow and hip and has undergone surgery on four occasions in the last six months.

"I am also now suffering from a condition called avascular necrosis,” he said. “We are awaiting test results to confirm that the crash was the cause of this, but at the moment we don't know.

"This has had a huge impact on my life - I had to stay off work for eight weeks, but when I returned I kept injuring my shoulder so I could no longer do the duties that were required. I haven't worked for the last year now and am currently on disability benefits.

"I've been in pain ever since the incident. I have to wear a knee support and have been taking codeine, tramadol and even morphine for the pain."

No charges were brought against the driver.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said an investigation was conducted following the collision.

"CCTV was reviewed and it was determined that the incident did not meet the threshold for a criminal prosecution.

"The bus driver was given driver education at the roadside from a specialist roads policing officer to prevent any recurrence of such an incident.

"All parties were kept fully informed about the decision. The Force has never received any complaint about this matter since the collision almost three years ago.”

Having requested the footage shot from a camera mounted on the side of the bus, Huxtable is now looking to take legal action against Stagecoach.

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