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07/05/2019, 19:52

MAMILs in Leeds (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by 11thEarlOfMar:Flickr)

MAMIL trend means more casualties among older cyclists, finds Australian study

The rise in the number of so-called MAMILs - middle-aged men in Lycra - in Australia over the last two decades has led to cyclists aged 45 and over making up a greater proportion of casualties on the country's roads, according to a new report from the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (AIHW).

"The severity of injuries sustained by cyclists generally increased with age," said AIHW spokesman Professor James Harrison.

He added: "Those aged 45 and over were more likely to have life-threatening injuries, stay longer in hospital and be transferred to another hospital."

We'll take a closer look at the report on road.cc tomorrow.

07/05/2019, 19:34

TdF 2014 Stage 2 leaves York racecourse (picture credit Welcome to Yorkshire letouryorkshire.com)

Tour de France heading back to Yorkshire?

Could the Tour de France be heading back to Yorkshire?

The region that in 2014 hosted what former Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Sir Gary Verity described as "the grandest of Grand Departs" is hoping to bring the race back, as well as hosting the start of the Vuelta, also owned by ASO.

The tourism and inward investment agency's commercial director Peter Dodd has told the Telegraph that "it's a question of when the Tour de France comes back to Yorkshire and not if.” 

He's also spoken of the future of the Tour de Yorksshire in the wake of Verity's departure due to an expenses scandal.

More on this story on road.cc tomorrow.

07/05/2019, 15:09

The worst pothole, and best photo of one, we've ever seen (although it's technically not a pothole, say council)

Local news photographs don't get better than this, sent to York Press by Grant Parker, the gentleman who is stood in it. In all seriousness, it says in the article that the road has since been repaired, but Mr. Parker is still waiting to hear whether he can claim for the damage it did to his car. That's proving to be an issue as it isn't technically a pothole, rather a hole that was formed due to water escaping and creating a 'void' in the road. A spokeswoman for City of York Council told York Press: “This is caused by water escaping from somewhere and washing out the structure of the road, over time, until a void is created. The road surface will hold up for so long and then the void becomes too large and the tarmac fails.”

This means it's not the council but Yorkshire Water who are liable, and they've apologised to Mr Parker for the damage caused to his vehicle. 


07/05/2019, 12:41

Video surfaces of cyclist falling off after failing to spot fire engine turning left

It's had the comments section of a certain right-wing tabloid up in arms this morning, and yes it appears this cyclist, filmed near London's Great Portland Street station, should have been more aware of surroundings... but according to a good proportion of those commenting on the tabloid's website, that does indeed make everyone who rides a bike inherently bad. 

07/05/2019, 11:56

Cycling Scotland’s #cyclespacecampaign initiative – Boardman-approved

07/05/2019, 11:40

prova cycles19.jpg

Bespoked road.cc Choice Awards

We went to the Bespoked UK Handbuilt show over in Bristol over the weekend and saw some very lovely bikes, but we managed to highlight three of the best bikes on display for our road.cc Choice Awards. 

See the bikes and read the reasons they stood out right here.

You can also see some more highlights from the rest of the show here

07/05/2019, 11:29

Wahoo _ Team INEOS partnership (4)

Team Ineos sticks with Wahoo trainers

Wahoo has confirmed that despite a change of sponsor, its products will still be used by Chris Froome and co. In fact, Wahoo has renewed its sponsorship of Team Ineos through to 2021.

The details of the deal mean the team will use Wahoo’s Kickr trainer, which it has been using since 2014, for off-season training and pre-race warming up rides, along with the Climb, Headwind and Tickr.

The deal does not extend to bike computers, instead, the team will continue to use Garmin Edge computers.

“Warming up and training on the KICKR for the last several years has helped me to prepare for lots of races - especially the Tour,” said 2018 Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas. “This year the CLIMB lets us simulate the climbing position indoors, which helps greatly with muscle adaptation. With this year’s focus on winning the Tour again, finding every advantage is more important than ever, and I’m glad to have the Wahoo Ecosystem to help me get into Tour-winning form.”    

“We’ve been proud of the team’s success during our partnership,” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “When you’re racing for a win at the Tour de France, every small improvement can pay off with big results, and we’re grateful to be part of the winning formula for Team INEOS and our other sponsored teams. After all the success we’ve seen in 2018, it’s exciting to carry our partnership forward into 2019, and through 2021.”

07/05/2019, 10:11

Whip it, Froomie!

Next, we'll be shouting 'do a skid'!

07/05/2019, 09:29

Cycling Scotland finds 'most' drivers unaware of dangers of close-passing, and 73% didn't know they could get penalty points

Cycling Scotland's #givecyclespace campaign begins today, with officers taking to the streets on bikes in plain clothes to educate drivers who fail to give enough space. The BBC reports that out of 1,000 people surveyed, Cycling Scotland found that 'most' were largely unaware of the danger of passing a cyclist too close and 73% didn't realise a close pass could land them with three penalty points on their driving license and a minimum £100 fine. 

Cycling Scotland chief executive Keith Irving said: "People who cycle regularly are likely to experience a 'very scary' close pass incident every couple of days and cycling casualties are increasing, in line with cycling's growing popularity.

"Every week in Scotland, at least three people cycling suffer serious, potentially life-changing injuries, usually from a collision with a vehicle. Our new TV ad campaign shows how it can feel to be close passed and increases awareness of the legal consequences for people driving too closely to someone cycling."

07/05/2019, 09:14

Plans to make Bodmin "Cornwall's cycling capital" with plans for cyclist's holiday park


Cornwall Live reports that plans have been submitted to the council for a holiday complex for cyclists, to be based in Callywith Quarry in Bodmin. The new cycle routes would act as a catalyst for the regeneration of the town centre and would hopefully bring 74,000 new cyclists to the town each year. CEO of Visit Cornwall Malcolm Bell said: “This proposed investment is exactly what we would like to support and be supported by authorities, as they are key to keeping Cornwall as the premier tourist destination in the UK and to directly help us to build the very important and valuable overseas market to our region.

“Having studied the plans for the proposed development, I can state that Visit Cornwall fully supports this proposed development. It will secure an increase in visitor spend from walkers and cyclists and its associated contribution to the local economy through purchases of food and drink supplies, retail and activities.

“As the area is already well served by cycle and walking infrastructure it will support the wider local economy, especially with customers in the very important low season.”


07/05/2019, 09:07

Froome signs off from Tour de Yorkshire, and reveals his team's shifting secrets

His teammate Chris Lawless was the overall winner, and Froome dipped into the comments on his Twitter post to explain why Ineos riders appear to hover their thumb on top of the hoods - turns out a Di2 button is nestled in there to make shifts down the cassette. Well if it works for them... 

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