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Canadian murder suspect arrested after riding bike without a helmet

Bike helmet charge was not pursued

Bike unit officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) stopped a man riding a mountain bike without a helmet in Nanaimo, British Columbia last Friday. It turned out he was wanted for second degree murder in Toronto.

CBC reports that 19-year-old Kyle Antonio Dias was stopped for not wearing a helmet. Officers also noticed that the bike he was riding looked like one that had recently been reported stolen and after checking the bike's serial number, he was arrested for possession of stolen property.

Dias gave several different names to police when asked to identify himself and then produced a fake Ontario driver's licence.

After finally identifying him, officers discovered that he was wanted in connection with the February 13 shooting death of Tesfa Welsh-Hope in Toronto.

In what must surely amount to world class understatement, the RCMP says "it's not often" that its officers arrest someone for riding a stolen bike without a helmet and that person turns out to be a murder suspect in another jurisdiction.

"The bike helmet charge was not pursued by the arresting officers," said RCMP. "However, the stolen bike was returned to its lawful owner."

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