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Rouleur Issue 12 out soon

The crisis in French cycling, racing from the front and much, much more...

The crisis in French cycling is explored in pictures by Magnum photographer Harry Gruyaert in the next and twelfth issue of Rouleur, released at the end of February.

The 130-page issue also features a report from the Tour of Burkina Faso and the second part of Rouleur’s series on classic jerseys, as well as columns by William Fotheringham, Johnny Green and Paul Fournel (illustrated by Jo Burt).

Photographers this issue are Harry Gruyaert, Camille McMillan, Mike Chick, Timm Kölln, Gerard Brown and Taz Darling.

Here’s some more about what’s in store for readers this month…

Morale - It's been a while since a Frenchman last won the Tour and Graeme Fife considers the crise morale of French Cycling.

Demain On Roule - Jean Bobet, younger brother of three-time Tour winner Louison Bobet, wrote a unique book about cycling and Rouleur met him in London.

Faso - stage racing African style with reflections and pictures of last year’s Tour of Burkina Faso from Mike Chick.

Wolfgang Lötzsch - the story of the East German cyclist who battled the state as well as Europe’s best riders.

The Breakaway - Matt Seaton considers the spoils of racing from the front.

Royce - The English engineers behind Chris Boardman’s hour record.

Favourite Shirts – the second part of the feature that looks into the relevance of trade jerseys, their history and place in our memories.

You can buy Rouleur 12 on from February 28th.

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