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Leave Vs Remain poll - leave the swipe/love the swipe?; Couple jailed after driving into cyclist while having "full blown domestic”; “intimidating” young cyclists… young cyclists that are intimidating, Trek wonder material?; Pink it shrink it + more

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08 March 2019, 16:41
Grand piano (via Facebook)
Grand piano towing cyclist falls foul of San Francisco's steep hills

This was doubtless quite a noisy crash.

Full story here.

08 March 2019, 15:35
Poll: Leave Vs Remain - leave the swipeable site or remain with the swipe

On Monday our two week experiment of shutting down the swipeable smartphone version of comes to and end, and we want to know how the last two weeks have been for you… in a swipeable smartphone version of context. So, do you want to leave the swiping behind and seize control of your scrolling, or remain part of the swipeable elite?

08 March 2019, 15:32
Ice-T gives shout out to his favourite pro cycling team

“It’s time to wrap up all that cross stuff and get back to the road,” apparently.

(Via Canadian Cycling Magazine)

08 March 2019, 14:39
Statue of Justice, Old Bailey (licensed CC BY 2.0 on Flickr by Ronnie Macdonald).jpg
Careless driver who left cyclist in coma fined £485

Victim calls for introduction of offence of ‘causing serious injury by careless driving’, but Cycling UK warns of the possible unwanted side-effects of merely ‘bolting on new offences’.

Full story here.

08 March 2019, 13:24
Ooooo, maybe it's for us?

The building in the background is the office...

08 March 2019, 12:06
Justice (Lonpicman, Wikimedia Commons)
Couple jailed after driving into cyclist while having "full blown domestic"

The Yorkshire Evening Post reports on a Leeds couple who have been jailed after they hit a cyclist while having a “full blown domestic” in the car on their way back from a wake.

Amanda Brown and Terry Leach were involved in three collisions in Beeston on July 6 last year, including a hit and run on a cyclist.

Brown was driving the 4x4 even though she did not have a licence and the couple were seen swapping seats after the third crash.

The number plate came off when she hit the cyclist – who somehow only suffered minor injurie. When police tracked them down, Leach initially said that the vehicle had been stolen. The pair came clean a few days later.

"She should not have been driving,” said Elyas Patel, defending Brown. "These events occurred because of her inattention at the wheel. They had been in a year-long relationship. They were, to respectfully use the vernacular, having a full blown domestic as they travelled through those Beeston streets."

Brown pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, having no licence and having no insurance and was jailed for eight months.

Leach pleaded guilty to perverting justice and was jailed for six months.

They have since split up.

08 March 2019, 11:51
A beautiful road, but only to look at, not ride!

This shot of the Trouée d'Arenberg sector of Paris-Roubaix looks lovely, but we've heard that it's a bit bumpy.

Would you take your own bike down there?

08 March 2019, 11:48
Chris Boardman and Andy Burnham.jpg
Burnham and Boardman accuse government of treating cycling as 'an afterthought'

Greater Manchester’s Mayor, Andy Burnham, and Cycling and Walking Commissioner, Chris Boardman, have called on the Government to provide *sustained* funding for cycling and walking.

Full story here.

08 March 2019, 09:39
The bikes of the Strade Bianche

It's our favourite pro race tomorrow, the glorious Strade Bianche, and we've had a rummage around in the archives and dug out our bike tech feature from two years ago. It'll be interesting to watch the race tomorrow and see how much the bikes and equipment have changed.

You can read the feature here. 

08 March 2019, 09:25
skoda e-bike side
Skoda’s new Klement “micromobility” e-bike concept goes 28 mph and doesn’t have normal pedals and chain

Car firms just loving developing concept bicycles and we’ve seen them corkers over the years. The latest isn’t really a bicycle as you don’t actually pedal it, instead it’s a “micromobility concept” and was developed by Skoda to put our changing world.

This two-wheel concept was designed to cater for young people who are looking for a sustainable alternative to a car and who expect it to be easy to use, fun, as well as faster and more convenient than a conventional bicycle,” explains Skoda in its press release.

The most curious design aspect is that instead of pedals, it has car-like pivoting pedals for the accelerator and brakes to control the 4 kW hub motor and 1,250 Wh Li-ion battery, which combine to apparently offer a top speed of 45km/h and a 60 km range. Is it still a bicycle if you can’t pedal it? No course it is, it’s more akin to e-scooter or e-motorbike than an e-bicycle.

It’s made with an aluminium frame featuring a single-side frame design and a beam dropping down to the go and stop pedals.

Course, it’s a smart bike as well, with daytime running lights, indicators and a cradle to nest your smartphone which you can use to monitor the battery and navigate your way to wherever you’re going.

And, just like a car, it has cruise control, hill hold, heated seat and grips and ABS disc brakes, o you can go about your day in comfort and control



Guido Haak, Head of Product Management at ŠKODA AUTO, said, “Micromobility is becoming increasingly important in cities. By presenting the KLEMENT at the Geneva Motor Show, we are showcasing our vision for the future of micromobility: sustainable, innovative, electric and with a pure, modern design. The KLEMENT is a state-of-the-art, dynamic and easy-to-use vehicle, and allows the ŠKODA brand to further appeal to a younger target group with a heightened sense of environmental awareness. The concept is perfectly aligned with our customers and our eMobility Strategy. We are therefore assessing whether, and how, this exciting, new mobility concept can be added to our portfolio in the future.”

Did you know Skoda started out making bicycles in 1895? Well you do now!

Stealthy assisted speed: e-bikes that look like road bikes


08 March 2019, 09:22
trek big change
Has Trek developed the next wonder material?

If you go to Trek’s website today you’ll see an intriguing message. “A change like this comes once every 30 years,” it boldly goes, while an accompanying email sent on the first day of the month added “it is cycling’s biggest change since carbon fibre. And this one matters more.”

It’s launching on 20th March, but what exactly is it launching? To be honest we’ve not the foggiest. The timing could coincide with an updated Domane, the company’s endurance bike that will be raced in the classics including Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, which are held in early April.

It says it’s the biggest change since carbon fibre. Given carbon fibre has been the biggest change in cycling in the last 20-30 years and has radically revolutionised cycling, has it enabled the use of another new wonder material?

Trek was an early pioneer of carbon fibre with its OCLV manufacturing process. There have been a few interesting carbon-based developments along the way. Nanoparticles were the big thing in about 2006 about the same time as Museeuw was pushing flax fibres, there was spread two carbon a few years ago, and we’ve seen a few examples of additive layer manufacturing (3D printing), which got many people, us included, very excited  - imagine being able to print your own bespoke frame? - but so far the full scope of its potential hasn’t been released.

The only material with such potential we can think of its graphene, which some bike companies have dabbled with. Maybe Trek has found a way to really extract its potential. It has released this short video on Instagram that shows what appears to be a material of some sorts 

But then maybe it’s nothing to do with bikes at all. Trek is big on advocacy so perhaps it’s a new way it aims to move cycling forwards from a sports and utilitarian point of view? We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

Whatever it is, it needs to be good to justify this sort of marketing promotion.

08 March 2019, 09:19
Limar celebrates International Women’s Day with... pink helmets

On International Women’s Day, Italian helmet brand Limar has launched a range of helmets “woman’s touch”.

It sadly demonstrates the phrase “pink it and shrink it” is still true in parts of the cycling industry. The “special edition colours dedicated to women style’ feature a black and pink colour scheme, with pink decals and “delicate dots in seawater”.

limar air pro 2

The new colour scheme is available on three helmet models, the Air Pro, Air Star and Berg-em.

08 March 2019, 09:15
Birmingham Bike Stormz (via YouTube)
Police visit West Midlands schools in bid to clamp down on ‘intimidating’ cyclists

A new training course could be rolled out to secondary schools across Solihull in response to concerns over the riding of some young cyclists.

Coventry Live refers to a 2016 incident when more than 100 young cyclists caused "traffic chaos" on Collector Road in Castle Bromwich by weaving across lanes, blocking cars and performing stunts.

The newspaper says that since then there has been “a steady stream of reports about anti-social behaviour on often busy roads.”

Solihull Police have said that they will work with schools to deter such incidents.

Solihull Council said that a training session at the Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst had been "well-received" and the same session would be run at the Grace Academy, in Chelmsley Wood.

Ted Richards, the council's cabinet member for transport and highways, explained: "There have been incidents of – gangs is the wrong word – but certainly groups of young people on push bikes who have been intimidating residents. We want to work to promote a responsible attitude when they are using the highways."

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