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Motorist charged with dangerous driving following death of Queensland cycle campaigner

Victim had complained that police weren’t taking his close pass reports seriously

A 43-year-old man has been charged with dangerous driving in connection with the death of Queensland cycling campaigner Cameron Frewer.

Frewer left his home in Little Mountain early on Monday November 5 and was hit on Caloundra Road shortly before 6am. Despite paramedics’ attempts to revive him, he died at the scene.

The Brisbane Times reports that on Thursday Forensic Crash Unit officers charged a man with one count of dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death and one count of drug driving.

He is due to appear in court on January 14.

Frewer, who founded the Drive Safe, Pass Wide Facebook page, had long maintained that it was not a matter of ‘if’ he would be hit while cycling, but ‘when’.

He had written an open letter complaining that police had ignored his complaints about close passing drivers just days before he was killed.

The letter detailed a number of his video submissions and the responses he got. He expressed a belief that he was, “being ignored as a ‘pest’, or submitting very close overtaking in a frivolous manner.”

Last month we reported that a government agency is to probe allegations of lax policing in response to Frewer’s complaints.

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Todd66 | 5 years ago

It will be the Drug Driving they will get him for. The fact he killed a cyclist will be secondary!

hawkinspeter | 5 years ago

Call me a cynic, but I can't see Australian drivers in the jury finding another driver guilty of that.

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