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Video: Old man pulls gun on cyclist in bizarre suburban stand-off in South Carolina

What triggered confrontation between man in velomobile and gun-toting pedestrian?

This is one of the weirder videos we’ve been sent. The video starts with some sort of tetchy misunderstanding between a guy riding in a velomobile and an old bloke who is initially off camera.

“You asked me to get out,” says the velomobile bloke who captured the footage, Dana Thompson.

“No, I didn’t ask you to get out of the car,” says the man. “I said don’t get out of the car.”

Thompson replies: “I do what I want,” and duly gets out of the velomobile.

Wheeling the vehicle towards the man, he asks: “Now what is it you want to tell me?”

The other fella thinks that an entirely proportional and appropriate response to this question is to whip a gun out from behind his back and point it at Thompson.

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll blow your fucking head off,” he says with all the passion and urgency of a man requesting six slices of honey roast ham at the deli counter in his local supermarket.

“Get back in that fucking thing,” he adds.

“Oh, are you going to pull a gun?” asks Thompson. “You’re on film, buddy.”

“Get outta here,” says the man.

Only once Thompson has indeed got back in that fucking thing and made moves to get outta there does the man finally lower the gun. At that point he presumably just goes back to ambling around suburban neighbourhoods, soaking up the sun with a gun behind his back.

The incident’s from 2017 and we’ve no idea whether the guy was arrested.

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