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Video: Taxi driver admits delivering punishment pass to teach cyclist a lesson

Footage contains plenty of strong language

This video shows a taxi driver deliberately passing cyclist Aberdeen Cycle Cam in intimidating fashion. “You put yourself in fucking danger,” he claims afterwards. “Use the cycle lane provided for you.”

The close pass comes at a junction where a cycle lane stops on the pavement at traffic lights.

The taxi driver speeds past, gesturing towards the side of the road.

When Aberdeen Cycle Cam catches up with him later on (because he’s stuck in a big queue of traffic), he rolls down the window and says simply: “Cycle lane!”

“So what?” replies the cyclist.

“Use the fucking thing, it’s for your safety,” advises the taxi driver.

Asked whether the close pass was to teach the cyclist a lesson, the taxi driver admits that it was.

“So you put me in danger to teach me a lesson?” asks Aberdeen Cycle Cam – and this is when it is suggested that the cyclist put himself in danger.

The incident occurred on August 28 and was reported to Aberdeen City Council.

Councillor John Reynolds, Convener of Licensing Committee, Aberdeen City Council, told The Sun: “The incident was investigated by enforcement officers and the licence holder was issued with a formal warning and reminded of his obligations in terms of his licence."

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