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Thieves took Glasgow cyclist's bike after he was hit by passing motorist

Cyclist was in ambulance when bike was taken

A Glasgow cyclist hit by a passing car had his bike stolen while he was being treated by paramedics. “It’s despicable,” said Mike Etter.

The Scottish Sun reports that on Monday Etter was riding from his home in Crosshill to work in the city centre when  he was ‘left hooked’ by a car.

“It came really close to me and tried to turn so I was trapped,” he said.

“I came off and rolled over the road. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t really move and I was crumpled up on the road.”

Paramedics attended the scene, but Etter’s Aventon bike was taken while he was being treated.

Writing on Facebook, he said: “If anyone knows what my bike looks like, keep an eye out for it. It was stolen while I was in an ambulance after a car crashed into me.”

He added: “I’m shocked and disgusted someone could do this while a person is lying in an ambulance. Who in their right mind could be so immoral?

“I couldn’t believe I’d gone through all that pain to then have my bike stolen. It’s despicable.”

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