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MyCyclingWeekend Fuelled by Soreen - We Have a Winner

A huge roundup of your photos!

With such beautiful weather for #MyCyclingWeekend, it seems that everyone was finding an excuse for getting out on the bike.

We've seen pictures from roadies, mountain bikers, gravel riders and tourers. It also seems like loads of you were taking part in GritFest which looked absolutely brutal.

We'll get to this week's winner in a bit but first, let's take a look through some of the best pics!



Tamara kicks us off this week with a little notice: If you need her this weekend, she'll be on the bike.



As Chris knows, the only issue with this weather is the hayfever.



Dave has been out riding with the Timsbury Cycling Group.



Social Sunny Saturday Solstice Cycle to the Sea (via Bath) including Cyclocross! . . Wild deer, a rabbit which would move out of the road, a bald friendly blackbird, fox, cat, an amazing route with genuinely hardly any cars! Cafe, post office, cafe, cafe, pub, garage, sausage roll, defensive cafe talk over peanut butter sarnies, some massive hills, some short sharp shocks, a couple of mahoosive descents, a bonk, a million churches, Salisbury cathedral, an surprise climb out of Longlete (awesome), didn’t see any Lions or monkeys (boo), a 20 downhill, darkness, sunsets... plenty of unexpected cyclocross, including a dark, hairy jaunt through the new forest and an infected leg. Swimming in the sea the following morning! The human body is an amazing thing. #masondefinition #mycyclingweekend #rlscc #bestbikeclub

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Peter took advantage of the longest day of the year to ride to the coast.



The fine folk over at were at GritFest.



As was Andy who's bike might need a little rinse now.



Ben headed out into the hills, only to find a strong headwind on the way home.



A great album and a great jersey.



Ended up on gravel then grass then almost running over a pheasant

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Phil's bike was so tried, it needed a lie-down.



Emma headed to the cafe for cake and ended up meeting Alex Dowsett!



#Pemberton - Hot, dusty & steep

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Simon went out on the MTB in stunning British Columbia.



We hit the velodrome for some 12hr racing.



sunny spinning with bonus ice cream ride // @dasradklub saturday klub

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DRK's Klub run took in a trip to the skate park...



Our winner this week is Euan who captured some beautifully quiet roads up in Scotland. Congrats Euan, we'll be in touch!

Remember, send us your riding shots using #MyCyclingWeekend on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You could win yourself a nice little prize!

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