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MyCyclingWeekend - Fuelled by Soreen

Road, MTB, Gravel, CX. Whatever your ride, it could win you prizes!

Soreen are back for another tasty weekend of #MyCyclingWeekend.

After a week of thunderstorms and heavy downpours, June seems to be kicking off with some ideal cycling weather for the weekend.

As per usual, we want to see your snaps from out on the bike. If you post a pic with #MyCyclingWeekend, you could win a brilliant little prize!

This week, the prize is a swag grab from the treasure trove in the office.



#chute or similar sounding words #nomitts #ouch #getdown #tourseries #Wembley

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This picture from the recent Wembley Tour Series is incredible. The superb shot shows just how much the wheels and frame withstand in a crash.



Dave will be out testing out the new Pirelli Cinturato Velo, their new tubeless-ready rubber. I'm not jealous, honest. It's only Siena, in early summer...




Rachael, from, is jumping into the weekend! My bunny hop is pitiful in comparison.



If you're hitting the trails, make sure you get that awesome shot!



Got some new kit? We'd love to hear about it! Shiny new things are what it's all about.


So there are some ideas about what we're doing this weekend, but what about you? 

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