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Police looking into nail traps found on woodland path in West Wales

Saboteur has also left messages for intended victims

Dyfed-Powys Police are looking into nail traps left on a path in the Upper Forest near Lampeter in Ceredigion. The flat planks of wood feature a series of rusty four to six inch nails sticking out of them and are also daubed with messages intended for anyone unfortunate enough to fall victim to one.

Wales Online reports that two traps were found by local resident Dr Roderick Bale, who believes they are intended for cyclists.

“I was walking along the path on Tuesday when I saw one of these traps,” he said.

“The person who left it there had clearly made an attempt to hide it from plain view, obviously hoping that someone would not be able to see it until it was too late.

“On the underside was a message, so someone’s obviously taken a bit of time over this. I would imagine it is someone who has something against cyclists.”

The messages read: “Keep to the footpath now” and “fuck off wanker”.

Bale took the trap to the police station, but then discovered a similar trap when he returned to the woodland the next day.

This one was partly concealed by moss and positioned behind a large tree root. It read: “Ha ha! Got you again wanker”.

Five similar traps were found in the same area in 2016 and last year Bale found piles of broken glass and nails on the path.

Huwel Manley, operations manager for National Resources Wales, said: “People can use our forests to walk, run or ride. It’s a great way to enjoy our environment and get healthy in the outdoors, but people need to be safe while doing so.

“Sabotaging woodlands is incredibly dangerous and puts people and animals at risk. We’ve cleared hazardous items left on the trails in our forest near Lampeter.

“If anyone sees evidence of dangerous activity or items in our forests, please report it to the Police on 101 and to us on 03000 65 3000.”

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