Kickstarter funding sought for cycle helmet that uses water to cool brain (+ video)

CoolHead includes a fabric lining that retains water but stays dry to the touch

The inventor of a cycle helmet that he claims is the first to not only provide protection for the head but also actively cools the brain is seeking funding for the product on Kickstarter.

Launching the campaign on the crowdfunding platform yesterday, CoolHead founder Sergejs Zelinskis said: “I’ve faced many race and training days alike when temperatures have reached dangerous highs, putting myself and other riders at risk.

“After years of being driven inside to train or risking my health in high temperatures, I set out to develop a helmet that would solve this problem once and for all.”

In a video accompanying the Kickstarter campaign Zelinskis, who lives in Florida, said the idea came to him when he was racing in Europe and noted the difference in the way he felt due to the temperature.

Unlike existing helmets which use vents to cool the head using air, CoolHead has a lining made from a special material which when soaked in water retains it, but continues to remain dry to the touch.

The helmet also has an integrated visor and will be available from June, with an early bird price on Kickstarter of US $105.

Zelinskis is seeking US $3,240 in funding and is already three quarters of the way there with US $2,441 pledged.

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