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Steve Morabito yanks dislocated shoulder back into place and finishes stage of Tour Down Under

If you want something done well…

“I was just looking behind, calling the car for having some bottles, and I was in the air and I did a flip. I was on the floor, my shoulder dislocated and it was quite painful.” Steve Morabito therefore did what most of us wouldn’t and popped it back in again himself.

The Swiss rider says he’s dislocated his shoulder two or three times before and he was sufficiently unfazed by this latest experience that he was able to complete stage two of the Tour Down Under.

He told Cycling News that he waved medics away in the immediate aftermath of his crash, because he knew what to do.

“I did it by myself. The guys behind in the ambulance don’t want to do it, I know how to do it and so I did it by myself with the help of my team.

“I grabbed my handlebar and some guys were keeping my bike straight and I just pushed a little bit the shoulder and it came in. It was really painful before and when it’s come in it’s again ok.”

He didn’t start stage three, however. He had trouble putting on a T-shirt, so he’s going to take a few days off the bike.

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