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Cyclist filmed riding on M60 in Manchester

“He looked like he was just going about his daily business," says driver who recorded dashcam footage of rider...

A Manchester delivery driver has spleen of his shock at spotting a cyclist riding along the hard shoulder of a bridge on the M60 motorway close to the Trafford Centre.

Peter Waterworth supplied the Manchester Evening News with footage recorded on his dashcam of the man riding on the motorway’s Barton High Level Bridge on the afternoon of 12 October.

He told the newspaper: “I didn’t quite see him until I was up close. I just said to my friend I think there is a man cycling on the hard shoulder.

“He didn’t believe me at first and I don’t blame him. It is definitely something you don’t expect to see every day.

“I had to do a double take in my wing mirrors as I couldn’t tell if I had actually witnessed someone cycling up Barton Bridge.

“I remember that my first though was that he had a bit of a mission trying to get up that incline.

“It’s a quite a long stretch until the next junction too so he would have been cycling for a while,”

He continued. “He looked like he was just going about his daily business.

“He was cycling pretty quickly, maybe he had realised what he had done and was trying to get off the motorway.

“He was completely unfazed at the fact that there were cars and lorries speeding past him at 50mph.

“No one was really beeping at him, but I think that was probably because other drivers were in shock.

“Just one strong breeze could have been fatal. I use that motorway a lot and it can get really busy,” he added.

Despite cycling being banned on Britain’s motorways and signs typically placed on slip roads to highlight vehicles that are prohibited, riders do regularly stray onto them.

Just last month we reported on a cyclist who had ended up on the M25 and was given a lift off the motorway by a driver who was concerned about his safety.

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