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Drivers taking to the pavement to avoid roadworks confronted by cyclist in angry video

Cyclist and local woman take on aggressive drivers - and win

A heated exchange between and cyclist and a driver on the pavement has been caught on camera.

The cyclist’s headcam footage shows him coming across a white van, which is avoiding roadworks by taking to the pavement.

“You seem to be driving on the pavement!” shouts the cyclist.

He turns to see another car which is attempting the same thing.

Swearing and shouting ensues, with the cyclist calling, “I’m not letting you through! This is a pavement, not a road.”

The driver insists: “There are a lot of people driving on the pavement. Do you make the rules for life?”

A local woman joins in, saying; “Our kids play here. You could kill our kids. This is the sixth car in about ten minutes.”

The driver returns to the scene, saying: “Get a life” to the pair, before heading back to the car, as the cyclist informs him he has been caught on camera.

“Well done,” praises the local woman as the film ends.

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