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11 things we've learned this week

It's been an action packed week on two wheels: here are 11 things we've learned... ...

1. We can't condone this. Well, actually...

trump finger.png

We couldn't help but find it somewhat joyous that this cyclist was able to join Donald Trump's motorcade and deliver a very succinct message.... 
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2. And here, we've learned that nobody's really learned anything...

London cyclists at Hyde Park Corner (copyright

 A study published in the International Journal of Obesity confirmed that commuting by bike is as effective as going to the gym each day when it comes to losing weight. And the award for stating the bleedin' obvious of the week goes to...
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3. That's wheelie not a good idea...

Wheelie (licensed on Flickr under CC BY 2.0 by Carlos Felipe Pardo).JPG

Devon and Cornwall Police are appealing for information after a cyclist narrowly avoided being hit by a car when she was knocked into the road by a teenager doing a wheelie. We'd like to advise anyone partial to the odd wheelie to keep them to wide open spaces only, and leave us out of it! You can still get in touch if you have any info, see the article below...
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4. If 1x really is the future, it's going to take a lot more to convince all of us...

3t strada 2018 team bike2.jpg

"A marketing ploy"; "facepalm"; "this makes no sense to me"... just some of the comments from you on the continued emergence of road bikes with no front mech, as this 3T Strada was unveiled as the race bike of the Aqua Blue Sport team for 2018. Our man Dave Arthur is certainly an advocate of the revolution, you can read his argument below...
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5. If track riding is your thing, it's best to choose one that's complete...

Falon, Sweden velodrome crash (via Twitter).PNG

This footage of a rider attempting to bunny-hop a gap in the track and just failing doesn't make for a very pleasant viewing experience. Don't try this at home, or on the velodrome if you can help it!  
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6. Now you can ride like a pro... on Zwift at least! 

Zwift Group Workout Mode 3.jpg

Zwift have released a new Group Workouts feature, which means the session is based on effort level and not power so your avatars ride together however fast or snail-paced you are. Make sure to join in's Group Workout on Tuesday evening for a short and sharp interval session! 
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7. The Stravasphere has something to rejoice about

Strava logo 2016.png

Strava has been in for a lot of stick as of late, with many expressing their loathing for the new non-chronological feed... well now if you're accessing it via Google Chrome or Firefox at least, there's actually an extension to restore your feed to chronological should you so desire. We can move on with our lives again!  
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8. We can sort of recommend the Red Bull Timelaps, if sleep deprivation is your thing!

Red Bull Timelaps 20.jpg

Jokes aside, apart from the sheer length of the challenge team had a grand day/night out at the inaugural Red Bull Timelaps, a 25 hour test of endurance carried out by teams of hardy riders. Bring on next year!
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9. Riding around London is going to get lighter and brighter

The latest generation of Santander Cycle is made by Pashley, with a lighter frame and the latest generation of Blaze Laserlights fitted for a zippier experience around the capital. “It’s great news that the first of our brand-new cycle hire bikes have arrived on London’s streets,” says Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. 
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10. Cycling + Cake = winner...

Sophie Faldo (via Instagram).PNG said a commenter as it emerged that this year's Bake Off winner is a track cycling champ in her age-group. We couldn't agree more!
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11. If Surrey's Road Policing Unit were running the entire force, we'd probably all be safer for it...

Close pass education (Surrey Police via Twitter).jpg

Having a sift through Surrey RPU schooling confused Twitter users on traffic laws is a very entertaining read, and we commend them for educating people on road safety. Hear hear, chapeau, more of the same please coppers! 
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