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Docking station removed in Brighton after local complains about noise

Campaigners demand a full explanation from council

One of Brighton’s bike share hubs has been removed after a resident complained about bikes taking up the pavement and riders making noise at night.

BTN Bike Share launched on September 1 and Brighton and Hove News reports that users have been making on average 800 journeys a day.

However, at least one Whitecross Street resident was unimpressed with the nearby hub and it has been removed at the council’s instruction.

Local campaign group Bricycles tweeted:

A council spokesman said: “We’re responding to concerns from a resident about issues such as space being occupied on the footway or potential for noise at night.

“While we haven’t conceded these points we’re agreeing to look at alternative locations to allay any such concerns locally and maintain good relations between the scheme and residents in the area.”

A spokesman for BTN Bikeshare said: “The Whitecross Street docking station has been removed. This was instructed by the council due to local concerns. However, a replacement hub will be installed nearby once a location is agreed upon.”

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Speaking on behalf of Bricycles, Becky Reynolds said: “We want the council to come out with the reason so everyone can see whether the removal is fair or not. The road’s all car parks, so why pick on the bike hire station?

“Why remove this important central dock close to the popular North Laine area without having come up with another location?”

Tim Caswell, owner of Hourbike, the company operating BTN Bike Share, said: “We came in knowing Brighton and Hove is a unique city with a strong cycling culture, but still the usage figures are even better than we could have imagined. None of our other schemes across UK and Europe have had such a strong first month.”

Brighton Station, Brighton Marina and the universities are among the latest docking stations to be installed.

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