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Police crackdown on cyclists' wheelies

Herttford police say they'll take action on persistent offenders...

Police in Hertford are staging a crackdown on dangerous cycling following what they say is a ‘craze’ for trying out stunts on the road.

A number of young people have been reported to the force for wheelies on the roads and over roundabouts, and other stunts.

They say warning letters could be handed out to persistent offenders.

Sergeant Michael Clark told the Hertfordshire Mercury: "There seems to be a new craze which involves carrying out stunt manoeuvres, or riding anti-socially on bikes in public places.

"This is not only dangerous to the cyclists themselves, but also puts other road users and pedestrians at risk.

"We've had many calls about this problem and as these groups of young people tend to be aged under 18, I'd like parents to be aware of this issue so that they can speak to their children about the importance of road safety.

"If this behaviour continues, it won't be long before someone is injured or worse.

"My officers will be reporting those that commit road traffic offences as well as implementing Operation Panther for those that continue to ride their bikes in an anti-social manner.

"This will involve issuing warning letters and following up with anti-social behaviour contracts (ABC) if the behaviour continues.”

Earlier this year we reported on probably the most extreme wheelies we’ve ever seen.

Uploaded to Instagram by New York City-based self-styled “extreme bike rider” Rrdblocks, video footage shows a succession of riders popping wheelies as they negotiate obstacles including street furniture, the heads of friends lying in the road and, erm, oncoming traffic.

After an unpromising start, having to be bribed by her parents to learn to ride without stabilisers, Sarah became rather keener on cycling in her university years, and was eventually persuaded to upgrade to proper road cycling by the prospect of a shiny red Italian bike, which she promptly destroyed by trapping a pair of knickers in the rear derailleur. Sarah writes about about cycling every weekend on

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