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Chris Boardman questions Greater Manchester Police after it responds to reports of inconsiderate cycling by advocating reflectors

GMP Twitter accounts still not exactly ‘on message’ when it comes to cycling

Greater Manchester Police has come in for criticism after its Twitter account for the Denton/Droylsden area said that it would be challenging and fining cyclists who did not follow ‘good practice’. The statement was accompanied by a picture apparently recommending that cyclists make extensive use of reflective materials, including on seat stays and forks.

Whoever was manning the account was apparently inspired to post due to ‘increased reports of inconsiderate cycling’.



The response from cyclists was as swift and wholehearted as you might imagine.

GMP Denton/Droylsden followed up by clarifying:



Nevertheless, Greater Manchester’s walking and cycling commissioner, Chris Boardman, questioned the tweet.



GMP Denton/Droylsden has since apologised and made a second attempt at the tweet.

Greater Manchester Police last week apologised to “anyone offended” after another of its Twitter accounts advised cyclists “not to weave in and out of traffic at speed” following the region’s second cycling fatality in a week.

Speaking at the time, Boardman said he had “met with the GMP roads leader to discuss that the enforcement resource focuses more squarely on those that can do the most harm to others.”

In February, the GMP Longsight Twitter account said officers had “strongly advised” a cyclist for riding on the pavement despite “millions spent on cycle lanes in Manchester”.

The man in questoin had been nowhere near any of the bike lanes which have been built, while government guidance states that cyclists may ride on the footway provided they do so considerately.

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