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Chris Hoy and wife Sarra announce birth of daughter

Early signs show she'll be a sprinter like her father.....

Olympic champion cyclist Sir Chris Hoy and his wife have announced the birth of a baby daughter.

Turning to Twitter to tell the world of their good news, Sir Chris, a six-time gold medal winner, said the couple had chosen to name the little girl Chloe Rose Carol Hoy.

A sprinter like her father, the baby came ahead of schedule at 36 weeks.

Sir Chris said both mother and baby are “doing really well”.

Lady Sarra Hoy added: “We owe a huge debt of thanks to our local hospital & amazing staff, who gave me the most incredible care, while our family of 3 became 4.”

The couple also have a two-year-old son, Callum, who was born 11 weeks prematurely in 2014, weighing just 2lbs 20z.

After 60 days in neonatal care he was allowed home and has grown into a healthy toddler.

Lady Hoy is an official ambassador for Bliss Scotland, a charity for babies born prematurely or sick.

Back in June we reported how Sir Chris aims to cycle 423 miles from the Amundsen coast over snow drifts hiding deep crevasses, up a 3,000ft mountain range, then along a plateau to the South Pole.

His wife Sarra pushed him on, despite the knowledge that he challenge will come shortly after the birth of their second child.

“I’m going because I’ll get more sleep in a tent at the South Pole than with a newborn,” said Hoy.

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