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Cyclist locks both wheels … and has frame (and everything else) nicked

How not to secure your bike - and a link to our advice on how to do it properly

Many of you reading this - perhaps most of you - will know that gut-wrenching feeling when you return to where you locked up your bike and it's gone.

Far fewer, we imagine, will have returned to find both wheels still there, but everything else stolen.

But that's what happened to one poor cyclist who left their bike round the back of Bath Spa station, with a D-lock securing one wheel to the stand and a cable securing the other wheel ... but sadly, not the frame.

So all the thief had to do was loosen the quick-release skewers, lift the frame - and everything else - of the wheels, and make good their escape.

Besides the obvious lesson of learning how to secure your bike properly - see the link to our tips below - there's another perhaps less obvious one, which is that seasoned bike thieves can spot an opportunity for easy pickings a mile off.

> Beginner's guide to bike security—how to stop bike thieves and protect your bike

Hands up who's never seen a lone wheel locked to a bike stand or railing, as in this example we spotted right by the main entrance of Waterloo Station a few years back?

Wheel from stolen bike © Simon MacMichael.JPG


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