The DealCatcher's on a bit of a jersey buzz this evening!...

If you've got some holes in your summer cycling wardrobe - especially the top half - you've come to the right place today! The DealCatcher's got jerseys galore.

As we all know, choosing the right jersey can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your ride. WHich is wy we've got a strong and diverse selection for you today.

We've got the niche Castelli Perfetto jersey which will fit in well if you're expecting to spend the summer in rainy Enlgand.

The oneten Men's Classic Jersey sits pretty at the lower end of the price spectrum and is a wonderful dry summer option.

And finally, 7mesh comes in at the higher end of the price spectrum with its mid-weight S2S jersey.


Ribble Cycles

35% off Castelli's Perfetto Light SS Wind/Rain Jersey
WAS £125.00 | NOW £81.25

Castelli jersey.jpg

First up is Castelli. The Perfetto jersey is... 'perfett'... for those wet summer days we're bound to have in the months to come.

You know the ones. When it's too warm for you to consider putting on any of your waterproof gear, but you're fully aware that once you're sodden you will wish you weren't riding.

In most normal countries conditions like those would be rare. Not here.

The Perfetto features a mesh back that allows heat to escape will providing you with ample protection from the elements elsewhere.

We loved it. It rolled away from road.cc review with a 9/10!

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Chain Reactions Cycles

33% off Oneten's Men's Classic SS Jersey
WAS £29.99 | NOW £19.99

Oneten jersey.png

The retro-styled oneten Classic Jersey is made from super lightweight, quick dry fabric, which makes it perfect for summer riding.

At under £20 it adding the good-looking top to your collection won't break the bank, either.

The relaxed fit helps with ventilation, and the silicone grips keep everything nicely in place.

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Hargroves Cycles

25% off 7mesh's S2S Jersey
WAS £99.00 | NOW £73.99


Finally, 7mesh brings its high-tech S2S jersey to the DealCatcher as our last deal of the day.

UV protection, 4-way stretch weave, and a #3 coil zip give this number an incredibly comfortable, easy-to-access and protective fit.

At this sort of discount too, you're getting an elite level jersey for a much more affordable price than normal.

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