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Barbed wire stretched across bike trail near Crewe

Stretched across entrance to trail

Barbed wire has been stretched across a bike trail near Crewe in Cheshire. Posting on Reddit on Friday, thefrenchstokey captioned a photo of the wire “They don't like us bikers up here!”

The wire was stretched across the entrance to a trail and the person who posted the photo said they didn’t believe the land was private property.

“More like he's claimed this land but actually it's councils. Been through the drama already with it,” they said, adding: “They really aren't bothered it seems. We tried to get it resolved without any progress despite this.”

In October, Twelve50 Bikes shared a photo on Facebook of seven sizeable stakes driven into the ground at a dangerous angle on a trail in nearby Delamere Forest. While the trail was unofficial, the Forestry Commission had always been tolerant of it.

The comments on that post suggest that at least one rider has been seriously injured as a result of trail sabotage in the area.

In November, a mountain biker in South Wales said he was “almost beheaded” by barbed wire stretched across a trail.

The victim had to unwrap the wire from round his throat after it had initially struck him in the chest and slid up.

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