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Jeremy Vine road rage driver jailed after losing appeal

Footage of incident between motorist and cyclist has now been viewed several million times on social media

The driver convicted of using threatening or abusive behaviour towards BBC presenter Jeremy Vine has had her appeal dismissed by a judge. The BBC reports that Shanique Syrena Pearson has been jailed for nine months.

Pearson was convicted in February of driving without reasonable consideration and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour in an incident recorded on Vine’s helmet cam last July.

The case was referred to the crown court for sentencing since Pearson was already subject to a suspended sentence for actual bodily harm and assault.

Vine rejected a suggestion by defence lawyer James O’Keeffe that he had posted the footage online as a way of “promoting himself”. He also denied that he had racially stereotyped Pearson “as a black person with a gun”.

Pearson claimed she hadn’t made a gun shape with her hand and that she had merely stuck her middle finger up at him after feeling threatened when he cycled up to the passenger window of her car.

“I know he saw me put my middle finger up because he smiled, so I know he’s not telling the truth about that.”

Speaking at the hearing, Vine said: "I felt threatened. I felt I was in danger. I felt I was dealing with a violent person. None of that was clear to me when she was in the car. It became clear through this incident as she assaulted, abused and threatened me."

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