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Man transports tumble dryer on bike pedal

Every bike’s a cargo bike

You may recall a video we ran last year in which a Brazilian rode over cobbles while balancing a fridge on his shoulder. If you thought to yourself that there has to be an easier way to transport white goods, a Glaswegian has been spotted carrying a tumble dryer on one of his pedals.

Deadline has published the footage, in which the man is seen crossing the road.

Unsurprisingly, with one of the pedals somewhat inaccessible, he’s walking.

Cambridgeshire cyclist keeps cool as he balances fridge on back of bike (+ video)

The video was shot by Gordon Willoughby on Pollockshaws Road at around 7.30pm on Sunday.

He said: “I filmed it through the window of the apartment we had rented for the weekend. With hindsight it’s unlikely to be a washing machine due to the weight, it’s more likely to be a tumble dryer.

“Initially I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Once I realised what he was doing I got the camera out and took a wee video. I thought it was rather funny.”

A cursory search on social media reveals that this form of side-loading is by no means unique.

However, this seems an altogether more appropriate bike for the job.

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