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Great cycling deals in the Chain Reaction Cycles Spring Clearout

The folks over at Charin Reaction Cycles have some massive springtime cycling deals on Endura, Look, Sidi, Ghost & more

Great cycling deals aren't restricted to consumer holidays like Black Friday and Boxing Day, nor are they specifically seasonal. We're blessed in that cycling retailers are constantly updating their selections, which means they're constantly offering bargain bits of kit.

Springtime is no exception, and Chain Reaction Cycles are celebrating the upturn in temperatures across the country by running their Spring Cleanout sale.

This isn't a normal sale. By that we mean, it's not as simple as great cycling gear at incredibly low prices. There's an extra caveat.

Should you spend more than £75, which let's be honest is very likely, you'll get an extra ten pounds off CRC's Spring Cleanout sale items.

To claim that extra £10 off, just use the coupon code "CLEAN2017" at checkout.

The full selection can be found here, but we've picked out a few of our favourites below for you:


60% off Endura's FS260 Pro Jetstream III Jersey
WAS £72.99 | NOW £28.99

Endura FS260 Pro Jetstream.png

The seasons, they are a'changing.

If you're the kind of cyclists that has a winter-specific wardrobe and a summer-specific wardrobe, this time of year could be a little uncomfortable for you.

Items like this one from Endura fill that gap beautifully. reviewer extraordinaire Liam Glen gave this specific  jersey an 8/10 and said it's "ideal for changeable conditions."

Check out his full review below:

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57% off Look's KEO 2 Max Blade Pedals
WAS £109.99 | NOW £47.49

LOOK KEO 2.png

If you're after a pair of super stable, low weight pedals to see you through the early throws of race season, Look's Keo 2 Max Blade pedals are a very sensible option.

Our man Jez Ash put them through their paces a while back and liked them enough to send them packing with a very respectable 8/10.

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35% offf Bellwether's Thermaldress Bibs
WAS £94.99 | NOW £61.49

Bellwether Thermaldress.png

Seeing as we're entering springtime, we reckon it's plenty appropriate to continue including cross-season bits of cycling gear.

These Bellwether bibs feature thermal fabric which offers optimal insulation. The fact that this feature's on a pair of bib shorts means that the rest of your legs are free to release any excess heat when you need it, but your thighs shouldn't freeze on extra chilly descents.


30% off Sidi's Wire carbon Vernice Shoes
WAS £325.00 | NOW £226.99

SIDI Wire Carbon Vernice.png

A 9/10 review is something pretty special, especially when that 9/10 comes straight from the fingertips of our widely experienced tech editor David Arthur.

He said that Sidi's Wire Carbon Vernice cycling shoes offer supreme fit, comfort and stiffness.

Sure, he mentioned how expensive they are too, but at a discount like this, they become even more appeaing.

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30% off MET's Inferno UL Helmet
WAS £89.99 | NOW £62.99

MET Inferno.png

Don't think for a moment that just because you're far less likely to encounter ice that coming off your bike is an impossibility.

If you do come off at any time of year, you may well be thankful for having a helmet on your head.

We're unlikely to convert any of you non-helmet wearers here, and we tend not to take sides on the debate of whether they're necessary, but the MET Inferno offers a pretty sleek, well ventilated, lid.


29% off Ghost's 2016 Nivolet Tour Disc
WAS £1899.99 | NOW £1349.99

Ghost Nivolet.png

Finally, today's most expensive DealCatcher deal comes from Ghost.

We had the slightly more expensive but disc-less Nivolet 6 in for review a little while back and it performed pretty well.

Ghost strike the balance well between performance and comfort, and the Nivolet's relaxed riding position will suit the less extreme of you out there.

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