Broken bones, cuts, scrapes, and a bizarrely disgusting use for a buff this #mycyclingweekend

We don't like to see disastrous #mycyclingweekends, we like sunny rides and happy cyclists. But this week, us and Cycle Surgery want to brighten up the weeks of some of our less fortunate readers.

This weekend's winner is one of those cyclists who had a bit of a bad time and needs some cheering up.

Instagram user fen_cycle_life took a tumble this weekend and said that not only does he need Cycle Surgery to help him out, he might also need real surgery too.

We hope this week's prize will make you feel a little better!



Fen_cycle_life wasn't the only #mycyclingweekender to come off this weekend. 

Fellow Instagram user teamsteamracing had a close encounter with the tarmac.

Here are his "scars of battle."



Timsbury Cycle Group and #mycyclingweekend regular caught something pretty distrubing this #mycyclingweekend.

While not disastrous by any means, it is something we're not sure we'd like to see again.



Speaking of things we're not sure we'd like to see again, v4honda's breakfast is struggling in the aesthetics department.



Finally, we're thankful that not too many of you came to the same fate as sirlongbow.



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Remember, it's never too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun. Just fire a photo at Instagram or Twitter, with the #mycyclingweekend and #CycleSurgery hashtags attached.

Have a good rest-of-week!

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