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Video: Passing bus brushes Nottingham cyclist’s elbow

Bus company says driver didn’t deviate from his lane

Helmet cam footage taken on Nottingham’s Mansfield Road on February 20 shows a bus passing a cycle commuter so closely that it actually brushed his elbow as it went by.

Video uploader, Cyberslayer, said that he made eye contact with the bus driver at the lights before they set off.

“He was only in lane two because we both knew that lane one was going to be full of parked cars. As the lanes started to merge he makes no attempt to ease off and let me carry on in front and brings his bus within inches of my handlebars.

“The bus actually brushed past my elbow and caused me to take my right hand off the handlebars. I didn't dare brake one handed as the heavy bike needs two hands to keep it straight whilst stopping. I just let the bike roll along downhill, hoping that the bus wasn't going to pull over any further and desperately concentrating on keeping the bike heading in a straight line.”

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Cyberslayer contacted Trentbarton bus company about the incident. He was told that the footage had been passed to the general manager.

“She has advised that the bus doesn't deviate from his lane, and if your lane is impeded it would perhaps be prudent to wait until lane two was clear. Equally, our driver could have read the road ahead, seen you and the parked cars and slowed to allow you into the second lane for this manoeuvre. She will be speaking to the driver, and showing him the footage so that he can be aware of the situation and hopefully will make better decisions in reading the road ahead.

“We are truly sorry for any distress caused, it did look very close, though in the driver’s defence, he did not appear to move across his lane, but as stated above, he could have read the road ahead better, and thank you for letting us know about this incident.”

After speaking to Nottinghamshire Police, Cyberslayer was told that due to the fact that he wasn't hit by the bus, didn’t sustain any injuries and there are no independent witnesses, there would be no further police involvement.

In a similar incident last week, a London bus drifted into a cycle lane, almost squeezing a cyclist off the road.

The video uploader, Ian Croft, asked: “Is this bad driving or poor cycling?”

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