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Video of cyclist's revenge on sexist London van man goes viral

Did she go too far? Is it even real? The internet discusses, have your say too

A video of a female cyclist taking revenge on sexist men in a van has been widely shared. Much initial discussion centred on whether her response was proportional, but there were also questions over whether the video was real. The company that posted the video has since admitted that it appears to have been staged.

The video begins with the cyclist stopped at traffic lights at the junction of Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road. A van has pulled up alongside her, but then steers towards her while the lights are on red.

At that point we start to hear that one of the occupants is addressing her.

"Alright, want my number?" he begins.

When she doesn’t, and shows her displeasure, he quickly moves onto suave bon mots such as "Oi! What charm school did you go to, eh? and "Shut up, you old dog. You on your period?"

Leaning out of his window, he twice tries to touch her and the increasingly irate cyclist at one point pushes the van’s wing mirror in – but it is the wing mirror on the opposite side that eventually comes in for more serious attention.

She gives the van’s occupants the finger as the driver pulls off, but then heads in the same direction and catches up with them on Chenies Street where they have pulled over.

She stops, tears off the driver’s side wing mirror with her bare hands and then rides away.

“That’s exactly what you deserve, you scum,” says the motorcyclist who has been behind the whole time, filming all of this with his helmet cam.

The video has been picked up by a number of newspapers and is being shared widely across social media.

Reactions have been strong. The most popular response on the Viral Thread post above was by Domenic Dimonte, who said: “The girl is 100% in the right and if you disagree you were probably in the truck.”

In contrast, David Murdoch offered: “Jail her!, criminal damage to property, just a couple of good old blokes about a job of work. along comes missy bossy boots and despite the guys being nice and joking with her she chases them and damages the van... I blame pc politics meself.”

Lexi Rae meanwhile was clear that she had no time for the man in the van. “THERE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE A QUESTION OF WHO WAS WRONG. Not only was he verbally harassing her, he put his hands on her more than once. FUCK that guy and fuck his mirror.”

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