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Video: Panda and pink rabbit do high speed rear wheel slides on fixies

We haven’t seen a panda move so quickly since the 2013 Liege-Bastogne-Liege

The panda and the pink rabbit escaped from the zoo, apparently – and according to Rimini-based bike brand Dafne Fixed, there’s a $100,000 reward.

We can’t help but feel we aren’t getting the full back story here.

What kind of a zoo houses pink rabbits? Did they work together to escape? Where did they get the bikes? Does the panda know Dan Martin?

None of these questions are answered, but we get to see some astonishing rear wheel slides.

You can find a few related videos on Dafne Fixed’s YouTube channel, plus all sorts of educational content, such as ‘how to skid over 12 cans of Red Bull’ and ‘how to make a fixed gear pit-stop in 45 seconds and finally get arrested by the police’.

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