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Mr Loophole and 'Britain's most hated cyclist' – Dave Sherry call for crackdown on delivery cyclists who break the law

Say time has come for government to introduce legislation “which will regulate cycling and these types of businesses”

Nick Freeman, the traffic lawyer who calls himself Mr Loophole, has joined well-known helmet cam cyclist Dave Sherry in calling for the government and police to crack down on delivery cyclists who break the law. The pair says that riders working for Deliveroo are some of the worst offenders and have released one of Sherry’s videos as an example of what they mean.

In August, Sherry - who has been variously described in the media as  a 'cycling vigilante' and 'Britain's most hated cyclist'  took Freeman for a bike ride in London, but the experience didn’t change his view that cyclists should be made to wear helmets and high-vis clothing, with their bikes carrying registration plates.

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Freeman has returned to these themes, saying that Deliveroo and other businesses that use cyclists to deliver goods have a duty to ensure their riders are properly equipped for the job and know the Highway Code.

“In fact, before they strap one of Deliveroo’s insulated bags to their backs – which in my mind should be reflective and have an identifying number on it – the minimum the riders should undergo is a cycling proficiency test.

“The time has come now for the Government to look at introducing legislation which will regulate cycling and these types of businesses. Whilst Deliveroo will say the riders are self-employed, the company must be responsible for the welfare and safety of those who work on their behalf.

“Likewise, they must assume some responsibility if the riders break the law. Just like their colleagues who ride motorbikes, those on bicycles must be identifiable and therefore accountable. If that was the case, then I’m sure we would see far less lawlessness.”

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As well as urging the Government to regulate companies that use cyclists to deliver goods, Freeman and Sherry are also calling on the police to strictly enforce the law.

Sherry said he was in “total agreement” with Freeman on the issue.

“It is crucial that cyclists also follow the letter of the law, and I suspect those who ignore red lights or cycle on footpaths do so because they think they will never be caught. A lack of identification renders them anonymous.

“I’ve filmed Deliveroo riders take terrible risks. Many ride at night without lights and they often ignore red traffic lights. Very few wear reflective clothing. And, in case they are involved in an accident, they should be insured.

“I get incredibly angry when I see drivers illegally using mobile phones. I get equally angry when cyclists break the law. When they do, they are a danger not only to themselves, but also to others.”

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