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Seriously stormy skies this #mycyclingweekend

We asked you to shoot for the stars this weekend, sadly our views were obscured by some pretty dramatic cloud cover

This #mycyclingweekend, in association with Cycle Surgery, we asked you to shoot for the sky. We wanted to see what skies you were riding under, and boy did you deliver.

We saw some great skylines and choosing one to win this week's prize of Park Tool's CC3.2 Chain Wear Indicator was tough.

But this week's winner is Instagram user petenaylor1982 who took this beautifully moody shot of Bristol!


On the other end of the sky drama spectrum morethan21bends snapped this crystal clear shot of the sky over French lake Lac De Laffrey. 

Some distance from the dreary lanes surrounding Bristol, but as always, #mycyclingweekends unite. We've all had the same fun!



Even further afield was Ian Dagnall. He caught this incredible sunrise at the bottom of a climb in Hiraodai park.

We're speechless.


Our final sky shot of the weekend came from Instagram user toyboxstudio. However, we're not sure if he actually got the memo to take a photo of the sky as his head is taking up a rather large portion of the shot.


While the rest of the bunch are stuck in the UK our man Liam Cahill is out flaunting his stuff in Mallorca.

We're not jealous.

Really, we're not.



Remember, it's never too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun - just fire up an internet connected device and upload your photos to Instagram or Twitter.

The imporant bits to remember, though, are the hashtags. Both the #mycyclingweekend one and the #CycleSurgery one are important!

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