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Cycling Video Roundup - Steep ups, crashy downs, quiet escapes and chips for breakfast

Bike crashing, uphilling and building, BMX, CX, and a silly dunt

8 Things You Can Do in a 'Cross Race But Not in Real Life 

The folks at Bicycling magazine in the USA have a go at seeing how what you might encounter in a cyclo-cross race could go down in normal life. Looks totally okay to us. Especially the coffee hand-ups and beer and frites at the desk.


Progression of BMX in Cuba

Local rider Frank Gonzalez has adopted and progressed with the sport he loves, choosing BMX riding over mountainbiking as they broke less and were cheaper and easier to mend with the limited resources at hand.


A right dunt on the head

What would you do if you had the chance to bunny-hop over "comedian, television presenter and actor" Jack Whitehall? Tell him it was fine and he wouldn’t need a helmet? Maybe if you were Danny MacAskill. Oh.


Dropping In On Drop Bars

Because you can’t just ride your cyclo-corss bike anymore you have to rag it here’s NS Bikes rider Piotrek Jurczak whipping on the RAG+, the company’s new our new off-road, big wheeled, drop bar freak.


Urban Going Downhill Fast

We’ve shown riders downhilling through the tight alleys and steep steps of an urban environment before and they make it look almost easy. Here are some riders that don’t.



Lee Craigie of the Adventure Syndicate shares her thoughts about cycle therapy, getting into bike racing and then escaping again as she rides along the National cycle Network NCN78 route, the Caledonia Way from Campbeltown to Inverness.



That steep bit on your local hill, that’s not steep. There’s somewhere in Japan that’s steeper.


Old Skool x New School

We showed the teaser for this film last week and here’s the full length version of when Tom Ritchey visited The Bicycle Academy in Bristol. Hallowed to legendary status in the mountainbike world he builds an equally nice cyclo-cross or road bike. Worth a cup of tea and a biscuit this one.


That’s it for this week, a brief selection of offerings which means more time for riding. Has it stopped raining yet?

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