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Video: Underwater cyclist rides 855m on static bike in one breath

And it’s not the only underwater cycling record

Titles don’t come much catchier than this. An Italian man has set a Guinness World Record for the farthest simulated distance static cycling underwater without any breathing equipment.

Homar Leuci from Italy entered a tank to attempt the feat on Italy’s Lo Show Dei Record. After a deep breath, he submerged his face in the water and pedalled for 855m, breaking his own record of 767m set on the same show four years earlier.

Back in 2012, we reported on the equivalent record with breathing equipment. A pair of ex-Royal Marines rode on a turbo trainer for 15 hours, covering 100.13 miles. The attempt was stopped at that point because both were lightheaded and suffering from vomiting and nausea.

Leuci’s countryman, Vittorio Innocente holds another underwater cycling record.  In 2008, he rode his (non-static) bike at a depth of 66.5m in Santa Margherita Ligure in Liguria, Italy to set a record for the deepest underwater cycling.

The farthest distance cycled underwater is 6.7km by Jens Stötzner of Germany at Bibert Bad Zirndorf in Germany in 2013.

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keirik | 7 years ago
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Just one question about this...


Man of Lard replied to keirik | 7 years ago
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keirik wrote:

Just one question about this... Why?

Sea level rise innit? That and the 50-60m error on Garmin 520 & 820 in Europe so those who think they're above sea level (example: me as I ride past a local 23m above sea level Ordnance trig point... Garmin 820 has me at -35m consistently)

kitsunegari replied to keirik | 7 years ago

keirik wrote:

Just one question about this... Why?

My exact thoughts!

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