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Video: Aussie road rage driver attacks cyclist...then offers to pay for damages

Bike-mounted camera footage shows a man attacking a cyclist for 'being in the middle of the road'. After a fight, caught on camera, the man offers to pay the cyclist...

An Australian man in a purple Holden Commodore is the latest to be angered at the sight of a man riding a bicycle, and has showed his displeasure by threatening to run the cyclist over, before knocking his bike mounted camera to the ground, and then offering to pay for the camera.

In a video titled road rage cyclist v wannabe tough guy, footage from Perth shows the cyclist pulling over to the side of the road after turning left. The driver of the shiny purple Holden yells at the cyclist to get off the road, or he’ll run him over.

As the man gets back in the car, however, the cyclist, whose video is posted on YouTube under the name Mark k, points out the man is on camera. This seems to enrage the man even more. He walks over and knocks the camera to the road, sending the footage into a spin, before the camera settles on the ground, some distance from the scene.

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The two can still be seen tussling in the distance, however, and arguing, after which the man flees for his vehicle, and can be heard offering to pay for the damaged camera.

“If you listen, you hear him telling me to leave him alone as he's had a bad day and offers to pay for the camera right then,” says Mark K, who says he has since reported the incident to police. The footage, and the camera, survived, though are a little worse for wear from tumbling across the road.

“Police were very impressed with the quality of video. It has road rash and chipped the cap so it won't be water proof. Should get it replaced when he goes to court,” he says.

He hoped the footage would be widely shared to “reach [the driver's] neighbors, family and friends to embarrass him”.

At one point during the tussle Mark K slipped over. “I had cycling shoes on and slipped on the concrete throwing that wild punch,” he says.



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