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Cyclists falling on 'greasy' cycle superhighway in Stockwell (+ video)

Council to send out resurfacing experts

Cyclists have complained that a stretch of London’s Cycle Superhighway 7 (CS7) has been causing riders to slip over due to a ‘greasy’ surface. Dozens are said to have fallen on the link from Clapham Road to South Lambeth Road in Stockwell since it was opened just before Christmas.

The London Evening Standard reports that Transport for London (TfL) has launched an investigation “as a matter of urgency” following a slew of complaints.

Contractors visited the link on Thursday with initial tests proving “inconclusive”. Resurfacing experts are now due to carry out an inspection on Monday, but it seems the stretch has been gritted as an interim measure.

In the video above, uploader CycleGaz said his rear wheel slipped. However, he had just heard the man on the corner mention ice and so let go of the brakes, which allowed him to regain grip. He added that all of the cyclists standing on the corner said they had slipped.

On Wednesday, Millie Ross spent five hours at St Thomas’ Hospital awaiting an X-ray after falling at the same spot.

She said: “I noticed the path was open for the first time so I decided to turn left and my back wheel came from under me. I landed straight on my face.

“A guy cycling behind me stopped to help and so did a pedestrian. The guy cycled with me all the way to work to make sure I was okay. Then I decided to go to hospital. Fortunately I haven't broken any bones, just cuts and bruises, but I was in some pain.

“At first I thought it was just incompetence on my part but having seen how many people this has happened to, it does make me feel it wasn’t my fault.”

William Russell was another rider to fall. He said: “Before I had time to react, I was on the ground. It was very slippery but I don’t think it was paint, maybe oil or grease.

“Whatever it was it was lethal. I’m not a useless rider, I have been doing it for years and clearly other cyclists have fallen as well.

“It was the first time I noticed it was open. Sod’s law it isn’t fit for purpose when we can use it.”

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