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Driver who turned into path of cyclist warns of "dangerous" cycle lanes

Lincolnshire man was turning between stationary vehicles and across pavement cycle path

A Lincolnshire driver has warned cyclists and other motorists about a cycle path in Hykeham, following a collision when turning into his driveway.

Dashcam footage published on Lincolnshire Live shows Tony Greatorex travelling along Station road before turning right between queuing vehicles, into the path of an oncoming cyclist.

There is a crash and the cyclist rolls over his bonnet.

"He was okay – he had a helmet on," said Greatorex. “He was shaken up but it was miraculous he wasn't hurt. The first thing I saw was the body in mid-air going over the bonnet and I thought I had killed someone – your heart stops.

"I got outside straight away and went to the cyclist who picked himself up off the ground, brushed himself down, and wanted to get off home."

Greatorex said he hadn’t seen the cyclist before turning.  

"This is a problem at peak times and at this time of year when it is dark. All I could see in front was 200 light bulbs, there was a break in the traffic and unfortunately the cyclist didn't have high visibility clothes.

"The cyclists have right of way and as soon as I go on the pavement I am breaking the law by going into my own drive."

Greatorex said that both his immediate neighbours had been involved in similar incidents in the last year and while he again mentioned hi-vis, he also suggested that there was an issue with the cycle path itself.

"The cycle route is also on the footpath and cyclists are concentrating on the path and not the road side, so there's not as much concentration – it's quite dangerous. I want everyone to be aware this is a problem – don't let this happen to you."

The relevant section of the Highway Code is Rule 206, which says:

"Drive carefully and slowly when … needing to cross a pavement or cycle track; for example, to reach or leave a driveway. Give way to pedestrians and cyclists on the pavement"

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