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Guinness World Record for most energy produced on static bikes in an hour

300 people rode 100 static bikes, lighting up the world's tallest building and breaking the Guinness World Record for most energy produced on static bikes in an hour...

A new Guinness World Record was set when 300 people riding 100 bikes produced 8,999 watts, simultaneously lighting up the world’s tallest building.

Competitors in Dubai broke the World Record for the most mechanical energy generated by pedalling on static bikes in an hour – while using the energy to illuminate Burj Khalifa, another Guinness World Record holder, at 828m tall, with a light display.

The record attempt was sponsored by the government’s Executive Council, in partnership with TechnoGym and UAE Cycling Federation, as part of the Dubai Plan 2021 and the Good Move campaign, which aims to get more people exercising in the region.

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Al Shaibani, Secretary General of The Executive Council of Dubai and member of the Higher Committee for UAE Innovation Week, said: “What makes the UAE so resilient and has allowed it to achieve such accomplishments and growth over the past decade is the commitment to strive for the best. From the tallest building in the world that shows the nation’s infrastructure capabilities, to this new record for the most mechanical energy produced in one hour, generating 8,999 watts.”

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The previous record was 8,369.8 watt hours, achieved by Rave and Ride cycling festival in Stoke Poges, in the UK in May. Rave and Ride also broke the Guinness World Record for most money raised in eight hours by static cycling.


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