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Cycle Surgery's penultimate Bike Friday brings free wheel truing to a store near you

Who needs Black Friday when Cycle Surgery are offering free in-store goodies every Friday before the big day?

The big day is only a week away but that's not stopping Cycle Surgery from railing against the Black Friday darkness with its weekly November Bike Friday offers.

This week represents the penultimate Bike Friday offer in Cycle Surgery stores and the freebie on offer this week is a wheel truing service.

Wheels aren't indestructible. A dodgy bit of bike parking, hitting a larger-than-expected pothole and old age can all be factors that attribute to wheels going 'out of true'.

Truing a wheel is essentially just straightening it. When a wheel is out of true, it's not spinning in a totally straight manner. 

At best this is a mild inconvenience; a loss of power or a slightly uncomfortable roll. At worst it can be dangerous, so it's best to check your wheels.

Obviously if you don't feel equipped to true your wheel yourself, you just don't fancy it, or you haven't got the time, head on over to a Cycle Surgery store this Friday - you can find a full list of them here.

If you're a little too far away from a Cycle Surgery shop, or you're a bit busy this Friday, why not check out the & Cycle Surgery maintenance series of YouTube videos?

The one below focuses on wheel truing - it'll even give you tips on how to true your wheels without a specialist truing stand:

As we mentioned earlier, next week is Cycle Surgery's last Bike Friday.

The last Bike Friday, though, coincides with Black Friday. So, if you head on down to your local Cycle Surgery next Friday you'll not only get a free slice of cake, you'll have access to all of the best Cycle Surgery bargains!

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