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Cateye computer schwag: we have winners!

One each for three lucky readers...

Tiffin has been a bit of a damp squib today, as no-one was willing to leave the office to get caked up and we instead had to rely on Zipvit strawberry energy bars; not bad at all, but not tiffin. Anyway they've certainly perked us up enough to fire up the randomiser, and the names punched in binary on the ticker tape today are...

sfisher0, jak001 and jova54!

Looks like it was favouring the 'short letter sequence followed by some numbers' usernames today but it's a fickle beast, so if you didn't snap up a prize this time round you've every chance when we run our next grab, which will be soon! Stay tuned...

UPDATE: bizzarrely enough, the three people out of the hat were the first three people that entered. The odds of us picking these three out of the 350 peeps that entered are around 40 million to 1, so it's pretty weird. It is, of course, the same odds as picking any other combination of three entrants. That's random for you. The numbers the randomiser actually picked are 69, 144 and 156 as the comments are picked in order of user ID, not of posting time. Which kind of makes it even more weird. Or maybe less weird. We can't decide.


Ah, le Tour. All over for another year, and we can all get on with our lives. In's case that'll be sorting out the Fantasy Vuelta game, we've had great fun playing the Tour de France one. Still, it'd be nice to carry round a little memento to remind you of all those incident packed days of the 2010 Tour, no? And we've got just the thing: jersey themed Cateye computers!

That's right, Cateye have taken their excellent Strada Wireless unit and give it a summer makeover. Whether you're a GC man, a sprinter or a mountain specialist you should find one to suit you. We've got one of each to give away courtesy of the nice chaps at Zyro, and it's as easy as ever to enter: all you have to do is comment below to be in the hat, Schwag Grab Rules apply of course. We'll make the draw on Wednesday 28th July at Tiffin or thereabouts. Good luck! If you don't luck out in the compo then the special edition computers are available from all Cateye retailers at £49.99, the same price as the standard Strada Wireless.

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