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Video: Head-on collision with another cyclist on CS3

Uploader asks people to be careful when overtaking

A London cyclist has urged CS3 users to ride more cautiously after uploading footage of a head-on collision between two riders. The two collided when one attempted to overtake another cyclist on a narrow stretch of the cycle superhighway at Blackfriars.

Writing on YouTube, video uploader 4ChordsNoNet said: “This section of CS3 (East/West Cycle Superhighway) is one of the narrowest, yet it doesn't stop some people from riding too fast and trying to overtake at busy times.”

The footage shows a number of riders overtaking, but when one woman attempts to pass a man on a Boris Bike who is riding a little more centrally, she finds herself cramped for room and ends up colliding with someone approaching from the other direction.

Even worse, footage from a rear-facing camera shows that the cyclist she hits is then run into by a following rider as he lies on the ground. That person is then catapulted over the kerb and into the road. 4ChordsNoNet explained that fortunately the phasing of the lights meant the traffic had been held back.

Speaking about the aftermath, they add:

“The female cyclist that caused this chain of events had a swollen finger, grazed and maybe broken, difficult to tell. She also complained about hert shoulder, and when following her afterwards, she was constantly rubbing her thigh.

“The cyclist going the other way that she hit, needed help to get up. He said that he was okay, but I think he may have some more serious injuries that will did not surface at the time. The one that hit him and ended up in the road, seemed perfectly fine, if not a bit bruised.”

And as if fellow cyclists were not significant enough obstacles, YouTube user Simon Allen recently captured footage of a car driving in another stretch of London’s cycle superhighway network.


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