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Great cycling deals on Cube bikes, Continental tyres & nutrition

Bargains on a 2016 Cube Attain, Continental winter-specific tyres, and Science in Sport endurance nutrition feature in today's DealCatcher...

Bikes, bars and b... tyres; sure we missed the alliterative triplet in this week's DealCatcher, but we've nailed the deals!

This year's Cube's Attain GTC Pro Disc Road Bike leads the way in today's deals: Cycle Surgery are offering the bike for 27% off its asking price.

Continental Grand Prix 4 tyres follow from Chain Reaction Cycles at a 42% discount, and Science in Sport round today's DealCatcher off with a 49% discount on an Endurance Bundle.


Cycle Surgery

27% off Cube's 2016 Attain GTC Pro Disc Road Bike
WAS £1499.00 | NOW £1099.00

Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc 2016.jpg

All nine kilograms of Cube's Monocoque Twin Molded Carbon road bike have been discounted over at Cycle Surgery.

The bike, which carries Shimano's excellent 105 drive train and Fulcrum's Racing 77 disc wheels, has had its frame updated for this year. 

Cube say that the Attain GTC is all about comfort and speed, with its updated frame focusing on reducing fatigue on long rides.

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Chain Reaction Cycles

42% off Continental GP4 Season Vectran Tyre
WAS £54.99 | NOW £31.99

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Vectran Bike.png

Continental's Grand Prix 4 tyre is designed for wet winter and autumnal months.

Not only do the tyre's tough Duraskin mesh and two Vectran anti-puncture layers provide you with extra protection against those tree-debris induced punctures make this a good choice, the max grip silica rubber compound will give you great levels of grip.

At 220g it's a good weight for the rider wanting a fast winter tyre too.

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Science in Sport

49% off SIS's Lite Endurance Bundle
WAS £49.00 | NOW £24.99

SIS Lite Endurance Bundle New Pack.png

Finally, if you think you're going to need all the help you can get to stay out on your bike this winter, you might want to think about nutrition to keep your energy levels up.

If you do manage to keep your body feeling good this winter, the only thing between you and a great winter of cycling will be the psychological barrier of getting yourself out the front door.

Science in Sport can help. The nutrition company's Endurance Bundle features REGO recovery protein and the electrolyte drink mix to keep you moving, while the GO Isotonic Energy Gels will keep you feeling good on your rides.

According to our reviewer David Else, the GO Energy Gels are "high performing gel with carbohydrates for energy and fluid for hydration; tastes good, slips down easily, and is fair value."

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