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New app maps crime hotspots to help you choose where to park your bike

After his bike was taken outside a police station, Enoch Adolfo knew what he had to create

A cyclist has created an app to show where in London your bike is most likely to be stolen - after falling victim to theft himself.

After his bike was taken near to a police station in 2013, Enoch Adolfo, 23, decided shine a light on bike crime hotspots in the capital.

His £350 Specialized Sirrus hybrid bike was chained up near to Camden police station, but the lock was cut by thieves.

Mr Adolfo was surprised to check local crime statistics and find out the area was infamous for its high rate of cycle crime.

He is soon to unveil the Citybiker app, marking the safest places to leave bikes.

With more than 70,000 bikes stolen in the capital last year, and many thefts unreported to police, it is a major headache for cyclists.

Mr Adolfo told the Evening Standard: “I thought my bike would be fine outside a police station, but had I locked it up 100 yards down the road, statistically it would have been much safer.

“Cyclists know that there is information out there on traffic blackspots, but we don’t necessarily know where the theft hot spots are.”

The app will be officially launched in Bethnal Green next Thursday after a soft unveiling last month which reached around 80 regular users.

Mr Adolfo added: “I’m delighted with how the app has been received so far. The next stage for me is to look into GPS tracking and more in depth updates on crime hotspots.

“Eventually I’d like to take it to other cities in the UK and across Europe.”

MPs, investors, Strava and the London Cycling Club are expected to be among the audience at the launch in Maker Wharf.

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Andrew Southard | 7 years ago

192 bikes a day just in London. What are they doing with them? Resold on line? Melted down for scrap? The Government should start a department or organisation responsible for catching these people and stopping them. Can't think what no one's thought of it before  7

Jez Ash | 7 years ago

Enoch Adolfo???

tritecommentbot replied to Jez Ash | 7 years ago
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Jez Ash wrote:

Enoch Adolfo???


Jez Ash???

tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

Very cool, every cyclist should have this then add the functionality to crowdtrack RFID chips, which are super cheap and small and can be stuck on your bike.  If you bike gets nicked, the crowd might ping its location. Americans tried it already, but it needs mass participation. Do it through the backdoor by making the app something attractive and simple (like this) first and foremost is a great way for it to kick off.


What if Strava etc also added the functionality. We'd have millions of people able to ping your RFID chip as they're riding around if you report it as stolen on the app.



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