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Third time unlucky – Armstrong involved in another awkward interview with an Irish journalist

Says he ‘absolutely’ still has seven yellow jerseys on display

After long being pursued by David Walsh and Paul Kimmage, you’d think Lance Armstrong would be keen to steer clear of Irish journalists. Not a bit of it. This week he took part in an occasionally tense interview with Ger Gilroy for NewsTalk’s Off the Ball podcast. This comes ahead of an appearance at the One Zero conference in Dublin in a couple of weeks’ time where he is due to be interviewed by freelance journalist Ewan MacKenna.

Over the course of a half-hour interview, Armstrong called Gilroy “Superman” and “rookie” and appeared to hang up on him without saying goodbye. However, he did also refer to himself as “a complete dickhead” so the interviewer did at least manage the unusual feat of wringing a nugget of truth out of him.

Over the course of the podcast, Armstrong talks about his attempts to apologise to the Andreus and the LeMonds with Gilroy occasionally leaving long pauses when he seems dubious about the Texan’s answers.

Another chunk of dead air occurs when discussing whether Armstrong still has seven yellow jersey on display in his home. “Absolutely,” is his one-word response.

Armstrong also reaffirmed his desire to sit down for an interview with Paul Kimmage having tweeted the Irishman last week to ask whether he was willing to conduct the interview at the One Zero conference.

"Paul's an interesting case. I had one interaction with Paul at the press conference in California. I didn't handle it right. I'd love to, whether it's in an interview or over a beer or whatever, I'd sit with Paul any time and say 'Hey, my bad, I'm sorry. I was a complete dickhead."

Armstrong said that Kimmage wanted to do an interview and added: “I'm happy to sit down with him at some point."

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