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Bristol cyclists call for more time to get across new junction

Quite a distance to cross from a standing start

Bristol cyclists say that new cycle crossing points across the A4174 Avon Ring Road at Hambrook do not allow enough time to get across the seven lanes of traffic.

The Bristol Post reports that the new road layout at one of Bristol's busiest junctions has traffic going in 12 different directions. Each is controlled by traffic lights, but it seems the time allocated to let cyclists cross may be insufficient.

Cyclist Claude Lane told the newspaper: "It's on a 50mph road with lots of 44-tonne lorries that can't stop. It's not long when you get to the middle of the road and the green bike is red. Every crossing on the ring road is the same. I think bleepers are easier to use, because you just ride your bike not looking for green light."

Another cyclist, Dave Martin, said he was quick off the blocks (surely no great advantage in employing those when you’re on a bike?) but only just managed to cross in the time allowed for cyclists.

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