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Video: Man rides bike... with two sheep hanging onto him

There’s space for a third on the handlebaas

There are cyclists who’ll leave essentials behind in a bid to ensure that they and their bike are as light as possible – then there are cyclists who’ll happily provide two sheep with a lift. Well, we say cyclists – so far we only know of one.

Recorded in Amahara State, Ethiopia, the footage brings to mind other great videos of fully laden cyclists.

The guy with a goat on his back – which was again in Ethiopia – was one that immediately came to mind. Just the one goat though. With hindsight this was a disappointing performance.

Another favourite was the Brazilian cyclist riding with a fridge-freezer on his back. There’s an extra frisson of excitement in that one in that he also sees fit to take on some cobbles. Will he come a cropper? Spoiler alert: no, he doesn’t. Somehow. Or at least he doesn’t in the footage.

In Brazil again, there was the guy who rode with a gas canister balanced precariously on his head. This chap clearly felt that his feat was the height of stability though as another video shows him riding with a watermelon balanced on top of the gas canister which is again on his head.

Carrying stuff on a bike: what’s your favourite example of the art?

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