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London truck driver swerves at cyclist who squirted water at him

Dispute said to result from truck cutting up cyclist

A video shot in Mitcham, South London yesterday shows the jaw-dropping escalation of a road rage dispute between a truck driver and a cyclist. When the cyclist squirts water through the driver’s side window, the flatbed truck is steered towards him in response.

The cyclist takes evasive action and finds himself on the wrong side of the road, out of control, heading towards oncoming traffic which fortunately is travelling slowly enough to stop.

According to Nick Surty, who posted the video to Facebook, the truck driver had cut up the cyclist a mile earlier.

BMW driver "deliberately swerved" at cyclists near Richmond Park

The video begins with the two speaking to each other while stationary on the A237 and the cyclist seemingly pursues the truck when it then pulls off. After a few seconds, he moves to overtake it and as he passes, he sprays the water.

The bike seems to be past the truck when it veers outwards, but presumably somewhat alarmed and perhaps trying to escape, the cyclist’s evasive manoeuvre sends him towards the opposite kerb and he is forced to put a foot down to keep balance.

The cyclist then stops in the road as the truck continues on.

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